CDS Web Services offers Web site, Internet, and intranet services that cover all aspects of Web site development, maintenance, hosting, and management. Services from the following list are provided based on the needs and goals of each project.

Free Consultation

Provides you, our clients and prospects, with expert advice and assistance for every step of your Web project.

Site Definition and Design

Identifies your site’s mission, target audience, primary message, content selection, and technology needs. Defines the concept or look and feel of your Web site and the underlying requirements for host services. Includes a running prototype of your site.

Web Implementation

Includes HTML authoring, implementation of selected web technologies, and graphic art production.

Web Application Developmemt

Includes support for Web applications requiring CGI, PERL, PHP, Active Server Pages, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, VBScript, Style Sheets, XML, and HTML. Also includes Web Services, HTTP services such as Cookies and Basic Authentication as well as interfaces to databases and other sources of dynamic information.

Content Conversion

Includes the conversion of paper content (reports, brochures, etc.) or non-HTML electronic content (spreadsheets, etc.) to web compatible formats. This can involve scanning, the use of OCR technology, re-keying, electronic conversion and other types of reformatting.

Electronic Commerce

Includes order processing as well as shopping cart services. This can also involve secure Web site hosting (SSL) and interfaces to related systems.

Business Integration

Includes the positioning and integration of the Web site with marketing objectives and other business activities.

Web site Hosting

Includes domain name registration, site hosting, Web accounts, Secure HTTP, POP mailboxes, and many additional services.

Site Management and Maintenance

Involves ongoing support of your site including backups, link and HTML validation, updates, maintenance, content upgrades and other contract services.

Social Media Integration

Involves the most effective use of social media and the smooth tie-in from your Web site to your business pages on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Education and Training

Includes how to maintain your Web site, advanced use of the Internet, Email, and related topics.

Miscellaneous Site Services

Site promotion, including registration with search engines, content rating, and advertising. Assistance with other Internet related business issues.